Flying Squadrons which operated from RAF Changi. Singapore

38 Squadron RAAF (RAF Changi)

In April 1950, the British government requested Australia's assistance to combat communist insurgents during the Malayan Emergency. In response, the Federal government determined that it could commit a Squadron of eight Douglas C-47 Dakata transports and a Flight of four to six Avro Lincoln heavy bombers.

No.38 Squadron's Dakotas began arriving at Changi on 19 June 1950, No. 90 Wing staff departed Richmond by air and established

headquarters at Changi on 22 July. The Dakotas had flown their first mission the previous day. 38 Squadron were responsible for

their own routine maintenance; aircraft rotated back to Australia for major work. The RAF provided base support facilities, including

messing and accommodation.

In April 1951 the squadron moved from Changi to Kuala Lumpur, where it became responsible for the main supply drops in Malaya.

With half of its aircraft in Korea

48 Squadron

No. 215 Squadron was renumbered No. 48 at Changi on 15 February 1946 and undertook transport duties in Malaya with Dakotas and


In May 1957 it was equiped with Hastings and continued through until disbandment on 3rd March 1967

These were some of the index numbers:

WJ336, WJ337, WD490, WD498, TG516, TG520, TG523, TG525, TG531, TG536, TG570, TG579, TG580

It was then reformed again with Hercules on 1 October 1967 and in September 1971 returned to the UK

where it was disbanded on 7 January 1976.




205 Squadron RAF Changi


HQ 205 moved from Seletar to Changi in March 1959 the squadron leaving Sunderlands at Seletar became a detachment. The

 squadron began converting to the land based Maritime Reconnaissance role at Changi on Shackleton MR Mk 1 aircraft. In May the

 Shackleton element was fully operational and the squadron flew both it's and the RAF's last Sunderland operation on the 15th of the

 month. The squadron continued to provide maritime surveillance and SAR cover around Singapore and Malaya until the withdrawal of

British forces from the area, disbanding on 31 October 1971.



215 Squadron RAF Changi

215 Squadron Argosy Flight Line at Changi